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Hi there! I started this blog as I enjoy reading non-fiction books and wanted to remember what I read. I hope others can gain something from the reviews, summaries and recommendations I share here.

All reviews are my own and unbiased opinion. In the Browse My Bookshelf section, you can find lists of my book suggestions by favourite category. I share my favourite books of all time and ‘top book’ lists in the Favourites section. You can get in touch via the Contact Me form – always happy to receive a request!

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Three unconventional books to inspire your wanderlust

These three books take you off the beaten track in London, UK, Mumbai, India, and Garissa County, Kenya. If you want to understand the unconventional side of these three areas of the world, these three books can offer you this insight.

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Book Review: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

I am normally a bit sceptical of ancient philosophy books. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. This short and sweet book is full of practical wisdom and little reminders for when things feel too much, such you should “consider anything that is humanly possible and appropriate to lie within your reach”.

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